The Nancy Ellis Literary Agency (NELA) has a new vision for its clients after nearly 36 years in the publishing history. That new vision has three components: types of books being offered to publishers, an expanded client/agent relationship, and expansion into electronic publishing.

While the Agency's sold titles indicates a widely eclectic selection of topics and treatments, those projects currently being offered, along with all future projects, will have one characteristic in common: transformation for the reader, whether in the category of fiction, non-fiction, or children's literature. The current publishing marketplace, intensified by the plethora of books being published online, has in the opinion of this Agency, created a glut of content, replication and misinformation. NELA's goal is to develop and sell only those projects whose stories, in the tradition of Aristotle's "Poetics", will in some fashion make the reader's life "fuller".

Specifically, our Agency will only be representing memoirs, narrative non-fiction, well-crafted novels regardless of genre, and children's stories which offer inspiration to the child reader.


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The key element for all of these will be a transformative thread which is executed with strong, creative style.

Our range of new adult market projects, both Fiction and Non-Fiction, include on the Fiction side literary fiction, environmental and psychological thriller, contemporary angst, and humor-driven adventure. On the Non-Fiction side, our offerings include memoir, parenting and education, lifestyle, and business. Children's titles, ranging from picture book to Young Adult are all in the fantasy category. A full menu of projects is available to publishers and film representatives upon request.
The second part of our new vision is the expanded relationship between client and agent. Our Agency has recently created an alliance with a highly successful, New York publicist whose track record in major publishing and national media is stellar. Ava Kavyani, in collaboration with our Agency, is offering three levels of service to both our new and existing clients: book launch campaigns, pre-sale marketing proposals, and internet marketing for both traditionally published books and those published as original titles online. Because our Agency has "bundled" these three services across a wide number of clients, we are able to offer those services at highly competitive rates.
The third component of our new vision is internet publishing, including original titles, sold titles, POD. Our new, state-of-the-art Agency agreement from one of the industry's top Intellectual Property attorneys covers both standard publishing considerations, along with a comprehensive internet publishing component.

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