Marc Morrone and Nancy Ellis-Bell:

A Man for All Species
(Harmony Books/Random House)

Max and Linda Ciampoli:

Churchill's Secret Agent
(Berkley/Penguin Putnam)

Howard Bloom:

Genius of the Beast


Bill Barnett:

Are You Dumb Enough to be Rich (Amacom)

Ray Barnett, Ph.D.:

Relax, You're Already Home (Tarcher/Penguin Putnam)

John & Mary Barrow:

Sun Protection for Life (New Harbinger) - Co-agent, Jon Harris


Howard Bloom:

The Lucifer Principle (Grove Atlantic)

The Genius of the Beast (Prometheus)
Mark Bouton: Max Conquers the Cosmos (Techno Books)

Cracks in the Rainbow (Techno Books)

Helen Boyd:

Boy Meets Girl (Seal Press/Avalon)

She's Not the Man I Married (SealPress)

John Burnam:

Dog Tags of Courage (Sterling Publishers)

A Soilder's Best Friend (Perseus)

Max & Linda Ciampoli:

Churchill's Secret Agent (Berkley/Penguin)


Jed Diamond:

Male Menopause (Sourcebooks)

The Whole Man Program (John Wiley & Sons

Irritable Male Syndrome (Rodale Press)

Surviving Male Menopause (Soursebooks)


Teresa DiGeronimo:

An Owner's Manual for Raising Your Baby Girl/Boy (Perigee/Putnam)


Christina DiMari:

Ocean Star (Tyndale House)


Dina Dove:

The Bag Lady's Guide to Elegant Living (HCI)


Dr. Terry Dubrow & Brenda Adderly:

The Acne Cure (Rodale Press)


Cynthia Eller:

Am I a Woman? (Beacon Press)


Nancy Ellis-Bell:

The Parrot Who Thought She Was a Dog (Harmony Books/Random House)

Michelene Esposito:

Night Diving (Spinsters Ink Books)


Susan Evans & Joan Avis:

The Women Who Brake All the Rules (Source Books)


Lasara Firefox:

Sexy Witch (Llewelynn)


Andrea Giovino:

Divorced From the Mob (Carroll & Graf)


Philip Gold:

Take Back the Right (Avalon)

The Coming Draft (Ballantine Books)


Dr. Jay Gordon:

Listening to Your Baby (Perigee/Putnam)


Lucinda Hare:

The Dragon Whisperer (Random House UK)


Mikaya Heart:

Women and Orgasm (Celestial Arts/Ten Speed Press)

When the Earth Moves (Ten Speed Press/Celestial Arts)


Ernest Holmes:

The Science of Mind (Tarcher/Putnam)

Creative Mind (Tarcher/Penguin Putnam)

Love and Law (Tarcher/Penguin Putnam)


John Hulls & David Weitzman:

Rider in the Sky John Hulls, Author; David Weitzman, Illustrator (Knopf)


Charles Hughes:

How to Get Into the Best Colleges & Universities (McGraw-Hill)

What It Really Takes to Get Into the Ivy League (McGraw-Hill)


Cait Irwin:

Challenge the Beast Within and Win (Random House)


Rita Lakin:

Getting Old Is Murder (Bantam)

Getting Old is the Best Revenge (Bantam)


Marianne Larned and The Stone Soup Foundation:

Stone Soup for Teens (Three Rivers/Crown)

Pan y Para El Camino (Random Espanol)


John Lavinnder:

The Ancestor's Path (Inner Ocean)


Haven Logan:

Choosing to Be Well (Inner Ocean)


Jill Lublin:

Get Referals / Grow Your Business (McGraw-Hill)


John Lusk & Kyle Harrison:

The Mousedriver Chronicles (Perseus; Simon & Schuster Free Press UK)


Mary Beth Miller:

Aimee (Dutton)


Marc Morrone & Nancy Ellis-Bell:

A Man for All Species (Harmony Books/Random House)


Jennifer Openshaw:

What's Your Net Worth: Click Your Way to Wealth (Perseus)


Pythia Peay:

Awakening (Tarcher/Penguin Putnam)

Soul Sisters (Tarcher/Penguin Putnam)

Mercury Retrograde (Tarcher/Penguin Putnam)

William Pepper:

Bolivar's Heir: The Biography of Hugo Chavez (Tarcher/Penguin)

An Act of State (Verso / New Left Books)


Nan Phifer:

Memoirs of the Soul (Writers Digest Books)

Kris Radish:

The Elegant Gathering of White Snows (Bantam)

Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn (Bantam)

De weg van Vriendschap (The House of Books)


Kitta Reeds:

Zen and the Art of Persuasion (Crown)


Wendy Hunter Roberts:

Celebrating Her (Pilgrim Press)


Stacy Roberts:

When the Breast Fairy Comes (Ten Speed Books)


Wayne Root:

The Zen of Gambling (Tarcher/Putnam)

Millionaire Republican (Tarcher/Penguin Putnam)

The King of Vegas' Guide to Gambling (Tarcher/Penguin)

The Conscience of a Libertarian (Wiley)

Shozo Sato:

Ikebana for Children (Tuttle)

Tea Ceremony for Children (Tuttle)


Larraine Segil:

Fast Alliances (Random House)

Take Me to Your eLeader (John Wiley & Sons)

Alliance Metrics (Amacom)

Intelligent Business Allliances (Times Business)

Measuring the Value of Partnering (AMACOM)


Erin Solaro:

Women in the Line of Fire (Seal Press)


Jerusha Stewart:

The Last Single Girl in the World (Sourcebooks)

The Single Girl's Manifesta (Sourcebooks)

Malinda Terreri:

A Tax-Deductible Death (Berkley/Putnam)

To Give or Deceive (Putnam)


Bobby Unser & Paul Pease:

Winners Are Driven (John Wiley & Sons)

David Weitzman:

Thrashin' Time (David Godine)

John Bull (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

Henry Ford (Knopf/Random House)

The History of the New York Subway (Farrar Straus Giroux)

Jenny (Knopf)

The Pharoah Boat (Farrar Straus & Giroux)


Ralph Wetterhahn:

The Last Battle (Carroll and Graf)

The Mayaguez Incident and the End of the Vietnam War (Carroll & Graf, Plume)

The Last Flight of Bomber 31 (Avalon)

Shadowmakers (Carroll & Graf)

Eclipse of the Rising Sun (Sterling Publications)


Dale Whisman:

Friends and Other Perishables (Tekno Books)


Dr. Arthur White:

The Posture Prescription (Crown)


Suzanne Woo, Esq.:

On Course for Business: Women and Golf (John Wiley & Sons)


Aaron Zerah:

The Soul's Almanac (Tarcher/Putnam)

Every Day a Blessing (Warner)

How the Children Became Stars (Sorin Books)

As You Grieve (Sorin Books)